JD Builder Feature Update - Introducing Shape Dividers, JD Builder Module & Integration with Joomla Articles


Today we are excited to introduce another feature update for JD Builder - The next generation of Joomla page designing tool.

In this update, we have added:

  • Shape Dividers
  • Integration with Joomla Article
  • JD Builder Module

Introducing Shape Dividers

We have added a brand new option in JD Builder Pro, which lets you add custom shapes and effects to your Joomla web pages between different content sections.

Shape dividers can be placed below and above each section, which makes your Joomla website stunning and interactive. You can choose between 17 different shapes, each of which can be flipped, resized, repeated, combined andor customized to create different kinds of designs

Integration with Joomla Articles

After the release of JD Builder Pro, a user asked us if we can use JD Builder within the Joomla Articles?

At that time, it was not possible.

But now, it is possible.

Now, you can integrate JD Builder with Joomla's article and use all the features within it.

If you want to use the readymade sections or templates within the article, you can insert it directly from the library.

JD Builder Module

With this update, you will also be able to create a JD Builder Module. You can use all the page builder features within the module, design a stunning looking section and publish that module anywhere on your website.

Apart from these features, we have fixed some known bugs and increased its performance. To know more about this update, check out the changelog.

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