Schema Ninja Review - Best Schema Rating & Recommendation WordPress Plugin


Schema Ninja is a WordPress plugin specially designed to aid bloggers to write reviews and sky-rocket the graphs of their affiliate marketing income. MONEY MONEY MONEY!

It is likely to improve CTR (click through rates) and an additional benefit of surplus SEO features such as rich snippets.

It allows you to add SEO-friendly reviews with affiliate links to a WordPress website by adding up customs posts where you create reviews and recommendations.

The plugin is free and is available for download from the WordPress plugin repository. Further, for more features, you can purchase PRO version. Go ahead! It is worth each dime.

Once you’ve written up reviews and recommendations, the plugins shall offer a choice of eye-catching ways to showcase these on your website posts and pages.

With Schema Ninja on your back, reviews are displayed in a different way than other WordPress affiliate and review plugins.

The reviews are creatively displayed on the website allied with rating circles, having different colors for each rating value.

They also can have the pros and cons of the product, detailed specifications, a short and precise review, the price, rating and affiliate link.

Apart from having the powers to add reviews, the plugin offers a Recommendation custom post type (let us call them modules).

Feel free to add as many recommendations as you fancy. The plugin settings page allows you to control the way recommendations are displayed on your website.

This includes the name of the product, image, features, the advantages and disadvantages of it and the affiliate link.

You can display a recommendation either at the end of all your blog posts or at the end of any particular post. There’s an option to display popup suggestions.

The Schema Ninja plugin comes with shortcodes that allow you to insert recommendations your website anywhere you wish. This makes it easier as you’re not restricted under the command of specific templates.

You can add a recommendation or set of recommendations at the end of all blog posts.

Create a ‘top 10 recommendations’ list and embed it anywhere in the content of the post. Or you can utilize a recommendation with a limited promotion time in a notification bar (pretty similar to the “hello bar”).

Whenever you take the pain to recommend a product to your blog readers, it’s a good idea to include a coupon code that will save them some money.

The plugin lets you add a coupon to add some more value to your reviews. It is mandatory for the visitors to click on your affiliate link to reveal the coupon code.

Schema Ninja Features

Listed below are some features which come with Schema Ninja plugin and can aid you to increase your website CTR and promote posts, content, coupons, offers, products, etc.

Review Recommendation


If your page is marked correctly, search engines may show rich snippets information in search engine results page.

Content Recommendation

You can generate specific recommendations for any content type on your blogs and attract high conversion.

Hellobar Recommendation


Display hello bar recommendation to users once they visit your page.

Popup Recommendation


Show popup on entry and exit displaying the recommendation to your visitors.

Sidebar Recommendation


Show the recommended products on the sidebar of your website/blog and get user attention.

Top 10 Recommendation


Show the leading products mentioned in the top ten chart, which are recommended for your visitors and also suggest them which products are better with basic and advanced features.

Footer Recommendation


Think out of the box to create footer based recommendation in your site pages or posts.

Compare Recommendation


Show a comparison of the products and reveal which are the best for your readers. You can create different call-to-action buttons with different features.

Coupon Recommendation


Display the best coupons for any particular product anywhere on the website to increase conversions.

Expert Recommendation


Compare the advantages and disadvantages of any product while showing price and best features of the product.

Offer Recommendation


Special offers for products on post/page. Using shortcode it can be implemented anywhere on your website.

Analytic Dashboard


A report analysis for every click and views of each feature of Schema Ninja. You possess the power to track daily impression and store it in your history. Smart eh?


So, one and all, Scheme Ninja WordPress plugin is a definite thumb up! Also if you don't know how to create a powerful blog, check out the awesome guide on How to create a blog by Jitendra Vaswani the man behind Schema Ninja.

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