JoomCast 016 - Chat With Luca Marzo, Secretary at Open Source Matters


Here we are with JoomCast #16. We bring you Luca Marzo, Secretary at Open Source Matters. Apart from discussing Tim’s colonoscopy and Luca’s Joomla story, we look at the Joomla’s election process and how yearly elections are better (or worse) for the elected officials.

We also talk about how to manage your hours when you are volunteering for a position and how Luca’s employer (host.it) is very supportive of his volunteering work.

We also look at Joomla’s future and expectations from Joomla 4! and how Joomla 4! could (have been) released faster!

This episode of JoomCast is sponsored by the CMS Release Team (in the Podcast Chetan accidentally said Testing team but it’s really the CMS Release Team),  you can apply as a volunteer for the CMS release team at https://volunteers.joomla.org/teams/cms-release-team

Luca Shares the news about Joomla! Being selected for the AWS Open Source Credit Program

Luca’s can be reached at twitter @jeckodev

Tune in for More.

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